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Hard farewell

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Well I had to let go of my z32 today, but it went to a good home and tomorrow the wifes z32 will be gone as well. Once I get back from Afghan land I will hopefully be getting back in the game. Was hard watching the tail lights of my car riding off, but that just means bigger and better in the future.
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I know Kyle it sucks, but with the new mechanic on the way maybe he/she and I can have a car we build from the ground up =)
You may need to change your sig... Good luck in stan land.
Oh I still have a vehicle. Its a 600 horsepower turbo diesel engine surrounded by 4 tons of 3 inch thick steel.

I love military vehicles.
Knowing what you now know, I'm sure your future Z will be awesome.
Robert you are right. I've only been on this site for 2 years but people like Lum and Vigman taught me a lot. Now I know what to look for when purchasing another z32.
Good luck over in Afghanistan, Be safe out there..
Thanks for all the help, sorry to hear about you letting your Z go.. :(
It only hurts more when your driving down a highway and you see it all the way at the top of the on coming traffic. And you OBIOUSLY know that its your EX z. All you can do its watch it come, pass and go by....
Well it has gone to a good home (just hoping the black one has the same fate) and if I do see her driving by at least I can rest easy and know its not going to be dogged or riced out.
Unless it IS dogged and riced out when it passed you.
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