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Handle-less remote entry - actuator

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If I recall, a while back, someone posted a thread or a tech tip or how-to on installing a remote-entry system and/or a remote-lock system using steel rods through holes in the doorframe - an "impenetrable" system, if you will.

I am not sure if this actuator is the one used in the setup, but it looks very similar.

It was mentioned that these actuators fail somewhat often, and I noticed that the price on these was quite low from this retailer, just wanted to share this link with all of you!


Also, if anyone is into guitars or other electronics, this place has some unbelievable prices on small parts. (Potentiometers, capacitors, etc.)

Just sharing the wealth!!
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Awesome! I've got to order some of those. Check out the prices on their relays! I definatly have to get a dozen of those. Thanks for the site!
Thanks. Been thinking of doing the hatch on the daily driver to make it easier to load the laptop in every day. 5 bucks is nice!
After how much I've seen people charge, I figured I'd share that link.

They've got killer prices on a *lot* of different things!
MCM electronics sells alot of small stuffs cheap too. They even have that same door lock actuator for $5.00. I've been using these door locks on my cars and customers' cars. The only problem with these locks is it used a small allen wrench screw to attach the rod onto the existing rod on your door lock and this small allen wrench is hard to get tighten and therefore over time it slips out. What I did is drill a small and shallow hole on the existing rod and then screw the allen screw into that hole and that should fix the problem. Also when install these door locks you will need what I used to call is the doorlock timer. This device is just 2 5 prongs relays used to reverse the polarity of the wires to the door locks.. Good luck.
PS. you can't use this motor for shave handle kit. You need atleast 30lbs. selenoids

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Excellent tech. info Vinh, thanks.
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