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haha it's fixed (simple fix)

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hey all! it's a great night...I finally got the car to revv and build boost...and guess what, it was a very simple fix. Did a lot of searching on a few sites but as usual I found the answer in the archives here. There where a few people who had the same problem I was having but most of the fixes seemed to point towards dirty ECU contacts. So, I went out tonight and figured what the ****...I'll give it a shot. Upon inspection, the contacts looks pretty clean...but I went ahead and blew some compressed air in a can and proceeded to do the in-out-in-out retual with the two connectors on the harness. Plugged the connectors on, hooked up the battery and fired her up. The air/flow meter was showing good sign of fuel (stoich) as it used to be in the lean part of the gauge. Let her idle and warm up for a minute and I was actually able to revv it hard without any hickups. But being skeptical, I had to take her for a ride. Got on the road and started out slow. Noticing a huge power difference I goosed the pedal to about 15psi before I let off from excitement lol. The air/flow gauge read rich at full throttle and after a few quick passes, I'm happy to say my car is back to normal...can't wait to see what difference the new fuel pump will make. Anyway, if anyone is having the same problem with their turbo's running lean or have the same symptoms as I did....do your self a favor, clean your contacts and don't stop with the computer. Check the TPS, head temp sensor and any electrical related parts....trust me, it feels great when the problem is solved without spending any money.
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Sweet. Congratulations ratedZ

Did you have any problems with corosion building in the contacts? Mine have some and I have no idea on a good way to get that out of there. Glad to hear you got your car back to tip top. And for free. Thats my favorite price....
Craig DeOxit. Nothing better. It was made for cleaning electronics contacts and getting rid of oxidation. good stuff.
Where abouts might you get such wounderous things? Is scrubbing required, or just wax on wax off?
Great Fix !

I have had similar exp. w/ my N/A 280-Z

You knew something is up when the idle changes whenever you open & close the drivers door. Turned out to be a loose locking mechanism at the
35 pin connector on the ECU.

A little tweek of the spring and some cleaning .........Shazam!
Question is, how long will it stay fixed. I've seen lots of ZXT's you could unplug and replug the ECU and they'd run good for a few weeks but then go back to their old ways. Like you said the conectors always looked fine and tried all sorts of "antiox" and contact cleaning products with no real sucess at a lasting fix beside another ECU and then they'd stay fixed...
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