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Hagerty or Grundy classic Z car insurance

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Now that my '78 280Z is nearing completion I am looking into "agreed value" coverage of the car. Probably somewhere between $12-$15K. I am looking at being able to drive it once a week and it will be garaged at all other times. My son has 4 years before he'll be old enough to drive it. My normal car insurance is with USAA and I have a clean record. On line quote from Hagerty is $218 - $259 per year. Sounds pretty good to me.

Grundy doesn't limit your mileage and quoted me $248 for $15K agreed value. Anyone with experience with either company?
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I have Hagerty on my '83 zxt ... $140 a year ...
so far so good ...
almostall of the "collector" car insurance companies have a min 10 year driving record for their clients which means your son may not be covered unless he is 26 years or older.

i have american collectors insurance on one of my cars and i pay $93 a year full coverage with agreed value of 15K. my son cant drive that car as he is only 17, but if i were to insure it with a standard company so he could drive it they quoted me $1200 minimum a year which i smiled and said forget you.
finally something I can contribute to this site!

I am an agent for hagerty, grundy, and CWG. I like hagerty the best, it comes with roadside assistance and they really don't have a concrete mileage limit. And they have a hospitality tent at barett jackson.

You must prove that you have current auto coverage and your liability limits have to be the same. agreed value is a good thing for collector cars, but keep detailed information about the condition, that always helps in a loss.

You guys are getting better rates than I am, I think I pay $120 on my 1970 for $7k. I would gladly pay double that, I don't know how they can even do the paperwork for that kind of money. The agent makes 10%, I could rebuild my interior if I wrote every z car in the world.

I just applied for the hagerty , 274 dollars for 15k coverage.

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hagerty... Have had then for 3 years and am very happy. 2 cars 200$ a year. plust the news letter is cool too.
I hate Michigan! I just did the online Hagerty quote and it was $280 for $7500. My regular insurance (State Farm) gets $800/year for my '78 as a pleasure vehicle with every possible discount.
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