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Hello everyone!

I'm the new (for now) guy around here. To share a little bit about myself, I'm a Mechanical Engineer by profession and have had cars as a hobby since high school. I was never the type to modify a car with big subwoofers and flashy rims (to each there own), I was always more interested in reliability and performance. A sleeper car is more my 'style'.

I picked up a 1981 280ZX GL 2-seater hard top (with 5-speed) back in December of 2019 and have been totally tearing it apart since. The engine is going to need a substantial overhaul but at least the shell is fairly rust free (yay for California cars).

Here are some pictures of my car.

The day I bought the car.

Now in my garage, alongside my other project car, a 1964 Dodge Dart GT.

The ZX as she is now with the engine block about ready to come out.
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