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Got fire, got fuel no air!

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Alright guys I am going to walk through this problem the best I can and see what you think:

I know for a fact that I have good fuel and fire - that is not the problem at all, so please don't worry about that area.

What I do have is an intake air problem at some point. Here is what the car does: she will start up when cold and run perfectly. When I turn it off the car decides that running is not the best idea anymore and will crank and crank and crank - I have fuel and spark still.

Here's where the problem comes in (or what I have found so far) the only way I can get the car to run again, without waiting a couple hours, is to pull off one of the vacuum tubes and push compressed air directly into the manifold and she will start right up. I am pulling off the tube that is connected to some sort of electrical unit (it has wiring on it that looks a lot like fuel injection hook ups). This sensor seems to hook up to the radiator, as it has water running under it, therefore I am assuming that the manifold is wet for cooling the air coming in. This being the case would this sensor shut off if the engine is getting too hot as to try and save the engine from blowing up?!?!

I need some help, any ideas will be VERY appreciated. At this point I am ready to hook up an on board compressor and just click that puppy on whenever I need to hot start the car...

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Get a FSM from Courtesy Nissan 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, Service Manuals and CDs it will have pictures of every part of your car with the name of the part and how to test it.

Then get the FI Bible. Here is a link to the Factory 1975 280Z Fuel Injection manual thanks to:

Cardnial Zen

Get a copy of it and study it.

Use the Search button above and search for "AAR" or "Air Regulator".

Visit here Blue's Tech Tips.
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