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got a line on a fiberglass front end, now question?

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How much weight will i actually save? and do the better ones help in aerodynamics? and can i put my MSA front air dam on the thing? Really interested in cutting weight on my 280z. I plan on also replacing the back hatch glass with lexan, removing the spare tire, swapping out the stock doors with some from a 71 240z(much lighter) Putting myself on a rigorous diet(wanna loose 30 lbs) I then plan on relocating the battery to the back of the car. Wonder how much weight i'll cut. Any estimates of what my "wet" weight will be? I now weigh 235lbs at 5'4".
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Both fenders, headlight buckets, and hood in fiberglass will save you about 40lbs, not sure about the bumper because yours is already fiberglass... You can use your MSA one if the ones you're getting arnt all one piece. You loose a lot of structure in a crash though with fiberglass. except for the airdam, it wont change aerodynamics too much. Well, unless it alters the front, like a g-nose.

Swapping the back hatch with a fiberglass one and also the glass with lexan wouldnt hurt as i dont think it carries much stress and the stock one weighs about 30lbs. Unless you need a defrost its good to go.

Kill the tire, tools, throw in a fix-a-flat.

If you move the battery to the back get a dry-cell battery.

kool, but you forgot about the doors man! the doors!!!! i'm swapping with 71 240z doors, thats gotta save like 50lbs total right there.
Arizonazcar has all the fiberglass parts you could want.


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yeah right

Hmmm lets look at the numbers. Say your car weighs 2800 with you in it (bet yours is closer to 2875) and make 225 RWHP (.8 Flywheel). This car will go 13.5 1/4. By contrast if you and the car combine to lose 300 Lbs the car will only need ~200 RWHP to achieve that performance. I'm not sure but given you have a Chevy V8 I bet you can add 30 HP easier and cheaper than losing 300 lbs! Sorry to try to be logical, so few ever try it here :>)
are you saying i'm 75 lbs over weight? That pisses me off!!!! I'm 5'4" and weigh a healthy 235....i'm stout but not fat. True i sufferd from a glandular problem as a kid...and my mom gave me to much pop to drink...but still 75 over weight? dayum!!!!
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