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got a chance for swap

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my auto instructor has a 305 with 30,000 miles on it im gessin it came from a older camaro but dont know he only wants 400 for all of it and i really need want the power any way. should i do it?
he says i will prolly get about 190 to 200 hp two the wheels and that would be good cuz my goal is 275

how much do you think it would cost me all together to put it in and does anybody sell mounts for a 305

83 280zx intake, and sidepipes and thats about it
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uhhh wouldnt a 305 put a lot more power to the wheels than 190 to 200? isnt a 305 a V8?
SBC can be configured in many cubic inches and externally they are identical. The 305 is not a performance motor and not as easy to hop up as other displacements. Older 305's might have had 200 HP so more like a best of 160 170 RWHP. Many 'stock' 70's and early 80's 350 only had ~200 HP or 160 RWHP.

If your goal is 275HP I would NOT recommend a 305. 275HP from most other displacements is not difficult, but what you saved buying a 305 will cost more to get 275 compared to a 350. As an example a NEW 250HP 350 is often available with a 50,000 mile warranty from GM for about $1300.

I would decide what your real goal is and see what it takes a 305 to get there and a 350 (don't forget compare modifying your present engine as well). As stated there are many other displacements available, but keep decision simple.

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Do your self a favor and be honest with how much time, money and performance you want. Then determine how long you have, and how much you have to do versus what will be paid for.

Good luck

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My 1977 350 4 barrel dual exhaust Camaro (back in the day) only put out 160 to the wheels!!
Bottom line Hybrids can be fun, but they are not cheap. Decide what it is you want your car to achieve and at what cost. Also consider the cost of fuel of a V8 versus a Datsun motor if you plan to drive it every day.

We often forget to include total cost NOT simply the initial cost. And if you look in the archives here you will see as the power increases so do the problems. I am not trying to talk you into any solution, just trying to point out what often is over looked.

And often when people say a horsepower point it is a guess. Try to be specific if you want to race it and do 14 second 1/4 and get ~20 mpg. The better your specifications ealy on the closer you will be to achieving your goals.
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