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Gold Star for Blue!!!

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As you stated in a prior post about my EFI intermittent problem......car left me at the grocery store on Sat. I got it going again but still extremely rich. I just happened to remember you said to whack the ECU the next time it acts up to see if there is a bad solder joint in there. Well sure enough, a couple good whacks to the unit and the car straightened up fine. Got it home and just for kicks I banged on the box another couple times and the car died. Hit it a couple more times and it ran fine. There is definitely something loose in there like you stated.

So now I have the ECU out of the car and I'm trying to figure out how to open the thing up and it doesn't look like there's any way to get inside the unit. There are two phillips head screws on the back of the box, but the rest of the box appears to be sealed. Any ideas how to get it open?

Short of $255 to get a reman unit....this is my only hope.


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I have one open at home. I'll take pics after work. It is not too hard.

I think if you remove the two screws it opens. You may have to slide one part of the can from the other.

The circuit boards are folded together like a book. The connections between the two could have a poor solder joint.

Problem could even be at the huge connector.

Dig up a friend who is into electronics and has a soldering iron. He should be able to track down any obvious problems.

Glad to help!
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look for a used 1 if that doesn't work. Expensive to buy new but every parts car has one.
Pics here Tim:

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