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Going to be in Atlanta next Tuesday

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I have a business trip to Dalton, GA next week, and will be staying in Hotlanta on Tuesday night. Anybody free?

I considered this tech related, because I may be able to talk Z tech with somebody down there. There surely isn't very many Z geeks up here.
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im in marietta, GA.... 5 minutes N of ATL
Nowhere is 5 minutes in Atlanta. 5 minutes is at the traffic light.
if its not rushhour I75 through atlanta isnt bad at all!
or 285

come on now BG... how long have you lived here? :) j/k man
I live in Doraville, at North 285/85 'Spaghetti junction' and my Z runs. :)
I moved from Marietta in 1989 & there was no way to get anywhere in 5 minutes then. LOL!

BTW, got my 280ZXT from Regal Datsun...I mean Regal Nissan now.
I can't get out of my neighborhood in 5 minutes! Dalton Ga..... ahhh yes - have fun. That's an hour jaunt down just to Marietta. I'm on the other side of the city in Lawrenceville. Doubt I'll make it, but enjoy your stay!

ive lived here for 16 years....and yeah, it takes me ohh about 10 minutes to get to Tech Street in downtown from my house in marietta....

as long as its not rush hour!
regal nissan is where i get all my parts from !!!

they have a lot of Z car parts in stock there....
Hey Bubble and Steves280, I will heading down from Dalton sometime Tuesday (whenever I finish servicing the equipment up there) and will be free all evening. Want to meet up for dinner somewhere? Be more fun than crashing in the hotel channel surfing :>

I make this trip about 6 times a year. 7 hour drive to Dalton, work all the next day. Drive to ATL, service unit located 4 blocks SE of Turner Field (If you live in the area, you know what I am talking about.. scary area to be in after dark). Drive 5 hours back home. 900 miles in 2 or 3 days.
Sure email me..
yeah me too
cant be too late though, ive got school....

email me!
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