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Giggle gas

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Has anybody out there run NOS in their L28? Did it last long? (the engine that is). I just spend a crap load on my car getting it turboed seeming as they only came NA in Australia. A Heltech E6X, 580cc injectors, standand T04 turbo (soon to be rebuilt with some goodies), front mount garret intercooler, running 9 psi. The next step... hopefully 100hp shot of Nos followed soon after by forged pistons, camshaft, and metal head gasket. Will it die on me? I only want to use the NOS a couple of times, mainly to smoke my mates RX7 that everybody always mistakes my 280 for.
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I never thought i would say this but there is a SEARCH option just under
70-83 Tech Discussion Forun at the top of the page.

ever since i use it i never have to post a ? and wait for the answer anymore. Its all there.

If you cant fid it there then it dosnt exist. good luck
Well I searched for "giggle gas" and got no results ;-)
Here in the States, a V8 is the way to go for serious HP.
i run nitrous (giggle gas) on my L28 i have not lost a eng from nitrous
but i burned an exhaust valve on a L24 lost a crank pully once on a L28

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