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> Dangerous? Hmmm, I like it, gives me that
> magic feeling....
> It can be caused by the taillight gaskets or
> the hatch seal. It happens to just about all
> Zcar's, get new hatch/taillight gaskets and
> replace them. It's the way airflows around
> the Z that does this, sometime I might get a
> rear spoiler to see if it helps any.

actually ive got a 71 also, and ive checked with all the companies i order from... motorsport, victoria british, no name companies ive found on the net and in magazines... i have yet to find one that sells gaskets for the rear tail lights. i havent checked the dealership yet, but its highly doubtful. however, the weather striping on the rear hatch is a likely suspect, as well as all the drainholes and there usually is a very tiny seam along the back panel and frame that you should fill with silicon. this is usually strongly defined but a convention of rust spots. but here's one you dont hear about. my pace setter headers have a plug hole for an oxygen sensor, since i dont have a sensor to plug in i used an exhaust pipe plug. the plug vibrated its way loose and was letting exhaust escape and work its way through the fire wall and into the cabin (or cockpit, what ever). i retightened it and it seemed to fix the problem a bit. i still have fumes, just not as strong. also, if you have a valve cover breather on your valve cover dump it. run a hose from the valve cover to one of your carbs and let the carbs deal with the fumes for you. that was the problem on my friends 510. the best thing to do is to strip all the interior out and start a nation wide man hunt for any holes, rust spots, loose/crumbling weather striping and seams between the body and the frame and fill them in. its time consuming yes, but at least you wont die from carbonmonoxide poisoning. =) hope this helps
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