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> Are you talking exhaust or gas fumes? Others
> have exhausted the former; as to
> the later, have you ever replaced the gas
> tank hoses or filler neck? They rot with age
> and let gas fumes into the interior. A fuel
> leak just about anywhere on the car will
> permeate into the interior. I run 3xWebbers
> and when a float sticks, phew!
> Good luck!

I have a '72 Z and I can't drive with the windows open. The engine likes to run rich. I replaced the hatch seal and silconed around the tail lenses. I swear even at 65mph with the fan running high and the fresh air vents open, exhuaust comes in THROUGH THE WINDOWS! When I roll up the windows, even shut off the fans or not, no exhaust. So, I just suck it up and drive with the windows up.
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Not open for further replies.