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After a tumultuous 11 year relationship with a beautiful but crazy Italian ('83 Alfa Romeo Spider), I've sold that project and am remembering with fondness my Z car days. First car I ever bought was a worn-out '79 that was actually two cars welded together.....got it for a song, drove it happily for a little over two years (including a move across the country, which was genuinely fun), sold it for a little more than I paid for it and got a high mileage but well cared-for and unmolested '83. That car was an ideal base for doing some tasteful mods, but unfortunately got smashed by a careless driver one winter's night when I had to park on the street due to an icy driveway. :(

Always wanted an S30, though I have to admit the t-tops on my '83 were fun. I find myself in need of a work car, which seems like a great excuse to finally indulge my Z cravings...now I just have to figure out if a carb'd car is going to be OK for a DD, or if I'm better off with a 280Z/280ZX. Decisions, decisions.....I just can't bring myself to buy an econobox, especially since I am without a fun car for the first time in 12 years!

Wish me luck. :)

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