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Getting back into Z's.

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My old friends,
Well, I am considering getting back into Z cars after a one year hyadus. Trouble is, as a student I kind of need a reliable, efficient car. I basically have all summer to build something that’ll last the school year (and then i can improve it next summer). I’ve already had a Z31 Turbo, a 280ZXT, and a 78 280Z. I’d like to get another 78 with a five speed, a crapped out engine, but minimal rust (not too hard to find in Arizona and New Mexico, where I live). I figure I can pick one up for $500.
I made a list of modifications and repairs that I would want to do. If you guys could look it over, tell me how accurate you think it is, and if you think I’ve left anthing out, I would really apreciate it.
280ZXT Engine/ ECU and Harness- 500.00
New (or Serviced) injectors- 100.00
New Clutch 150.00
Intercooler (Probe etc...)- 100.00
Exhaust sytem- 100.00
Acc. (air filter, sensors, boost controller, etc...) 200.00

Suspension :
Shocks (Tokiko) 484.00
Springs 250.00
Bushings 250.00
Anti-Roll Bars 250.00
New Alignment 100.00

Cosmetic :
Paint/ Bodywork 500.00
Rear Apron 100.00
Front Spoiler 100.00
Headlights (Diamond+ covers) 100.00
Seats (Miata, Porsche etc...) 50.00
Carpet 100.00
Dash Cap 100.00
Steering Wheel 100.00
Windshield (most are cracked) 100.00
Window Tint 100.00
Uphostery material interior 50.00
Weather stripping ???????
Stereo 250.00
I can do almost all the work myself.
Anyway, let me know what you all think.
I didn’t include wheels or tires in the list, because the prices can vary so much.
A few questions about the Turbo Engine:
1. I believe that the 1982+ electrical system is better, is that right?
2. 78 tranny will work fine?
3. As far as swapping for zx rear discs and axels: how complicated is that, and how beneficial?

Dylan Wood
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Double total and you should be ok budgetwise
You just missed out on a complete 280ZXt engine, 5 speed, and harness in New Mexico for $199.
i have a 1977 280z i will sell you....its in great condition. runs great. go to the website below and check it out...email me if you have anymore questions
RacnJsn, the zxt harness isn't necessary but that is CHEAP !!
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