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Ways to save some gas costs with your Z....(tested with an 87 na)

* new plugs...wires...dist cap & rotor.

* advanced igntion?

* check gas cap to see if it holds pressure...check EVAP system (charcoal can & lines)...my Z gets better mpg thru the first 3-4 gallons...partially running on vapor?

* use synthetic oils in the engine...trans...diff...maybe 3% gain in mileage?

* new O2 sensor (if the old one isn't up to snuff)...possible 10-12% gain in mileage...found this out by replacing it.

* a non functioning EGR might cost you 10% in mileage...found this out by disabling mine.

* tire pressure up to max (be SURE and check for good traction)....maybe a 3-5% gain?

* drive like your grandma.....

* for those with a sense of adventure....

http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Acetone_as_a_Fuel_Additive ...have gained 12% in mpg with an na using acetone

http://www.smartcar-owner.co.uk/Low Cost Magnetic Fuel Saver.htm ...use 3 of these after filter?

* for those from outer space.....

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