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Garage Welding

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Hi everyone, I think this is a question that many can answer...

I'm assembling all the tools I need to be able to tackle this project, right now I've collected all the mechanics tools and then something crossed my mind.

I am going to need a welder. I'm figuring that a MIG welder will do the trick with a spool of steel wire. How dangerous is it to weld in a closed garage in the wintertime? I'm in Mass. and I was thinking once the snow hits the ground I'll be welding in a closed garage with no ventilation this winter. Before my college graduation (last may) I did some sculpture welding and was not able to work unless the venting chamber was directly above my work. I am fully aware of the hazardous gasses that are emitted from welding.

I'm sure that many have done it, but I definately want to play it safe. Also if anyone can recommend a cheap welder that they enjoy that would help a bundle.

Thanks for reading!

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Go with a gas type rather than a flux type mig welder. I also doubt your garage is air tight enough for venting to be a problem.
Steve is correct. The gas type have a lot less smoke. The better you clean the metal to be welded the less smoke you have also.

Wayne in KY
search the archives for welders, you should find all the info on welders and also some good places to get one. I would diffinently get one that uses gas or can be added on later...................
I use a cheapo Sears $300 MIG welder(w/flux wire) and while not the best, it has always got the job done, from sheet metal to 1/4" mild steel plate to cast iron.
At the very least use a fan to draw the smoke away from your face while welding. Don't blow air across your weld though, or you'll contaminate the weld. I know, stuff you already know.
Buy a decent heater and crack open a window or door. Better to feel cold than inhale welding fumes. Wear an organic respirator (3M is a good one)and you should be okay.
I got a Refurb Lincoln 100 MIG (with gas) from weldingmart.com for $370 shipped. Also bought the bottle on EBay for $86 from Indiana Oxygen co. Gonna try it out this weekend...
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