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Garage show and tell

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**** there everyone, i wanted to start a tread of garage show and tell. After living in apt community and haveing a single car garage i was thrilled to purchase my new home with a 2 car garage and a work shop. Oh so excited, so please post your garage pics so we can have garage envy of one another..


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I had 2 car garage . Three years ago i put shed addition on back side 10 by 17 no door i can get all cars in there but 2 +2 . cost 1000 bucks.

Then two years ago i put addition on front side. 10 by 20 with door so four car garage. With vaulted ceiling , skylight , two 40 by 40 Andersen windows and
full view glass door. All bought for a song at habitat for humanity.
Cost 2500 bucks . With no permit. Could not do that in any other city.
Also two video cameras i can watch from bed.

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wow..no permit, as a custom home designer,i have concerns...where do u live

Who need door...Just shove through window, yes?
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We got a 1 1/2 car garage but its full of mixed boxes and my parents quiver at me wanting to use it for repairs.
My first house and garage. These pictures are a bit old, I have a lot of ne updated things in there now, but it is a mess. We are remodeling a lot of the house and all the supplies have taken over my garage. So there is trim, drywall, 2x4's, goodies all over the place.

First moved in

After we got unpacked a little.

I park on the other side, dont know why its on that side

Where the tools are

We go upstairs

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love the addational storage in the trusses...i live in fl....so if my garage trusses ever get ripped off from a storm...a version of your type of configeration is what will be installed
"2 car garage and a work shop"

I saw your car, or a clone, two years ago in downtown Fort lauderdale, around church time, it was you/yours?
pretty epic computer you have there wannaBREz
1 car 1 CNC machine shop garage... now that'll be heaven.
Bought my place 30 years ago. Three quarters of an acre, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, 1200sf, with a 1400sf garage. Right now it holds 4 Datsuns and my DD with room left over.

Bonzi Lon
b g man
What influenced a wild rice man go for a 5k RPM two cyl bike?
t5turbo said:
b g man
What influenced a wild rice man go for a 5k RPM two cyl bike?
I bought that in 91. I got the z's and rx7 in the last five years.
I use to have 67 firebird wish i never sold. I had 95 caddy with 39000 mi sold it last year. Drove two years and made little money on the deal.

Back in the day my dad had 79zx. Then got black gold on trade in but also
bought white rx7 in 1980. I was 17 and drove the **** out of them.
Got my eye on 1968 srl 311 datsun roadster.
Ok i let you live then, always had/have bike/s, same generation hondas but to talk about it will be highjack..at the summit of life crisis "garage" was occupied by 4 tagged running bikes (no insurance required down here)
I'll try to get a pic of my garage, nothing to get excited about though. Now if I was at my parents house in colorado that would be a different story. They have just under 600 acre's and there is plenty of room to make a dream garage and a race track to boot.
I could easily get 3 cars in here, provided the center car was backed in like parallel parking. It'd be a squeeze but could be done. Drill press, grinders, hydraulic press, air compressor.
Currentally my garage is outside under a deck.
palladin said:
Anybody else like the labra detroit CL 25 bucks or less. New
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