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> This time the problem is with my son's 78
> 280Z. He is running a 280 block with flat
> top pistons, a big valve E88 head, a
> .500/.280 cam, triple Weber DCOE 45's, and
> Motorsport Header+Exhaust. We rebuilt his
> engine about 3 years ago and did all of the
> mods at that time. It runs strong. He
> recently noticed that when you get off the
> gas from 3500 or more RPM and let the engine
> coast down to idle, whether
> moving or not, there is a sort of whining
> sound which seems to be coming from inside
> the engine. My son think it sounds like the
> timing chain has too much slack in it and it
> is sort of slapping around in there while
> coasting from higher RPM. We put on a new
> chain and sprockets when we rebuilt the car.
> We don't know what it is and it doesn't seem
> to affect performance, but we would like to
> fix it, any ideas?? By the way he did
> advance the cam / sprocket relationship from
> 1 to 2 with no affect. Thanks Bill
Bill, i'm no expert on all the cams and stuff. My car (81 zx) has developed a whine coming from the front of the engine as well. It goes with the engine speed whether idling or under power. I was listening to it and wondering if it could be the fan clutch going. If you have an electric fan, this is certainly not the problem. Just a guess.

Anyone have any other ideas on this?

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