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> i have a 1982 280zx non turbo that up untill
> about a day or so ago has run perfectly. it
> still runs great but i have a funny sound
> from the engine that sounds like 2 pieces of
> metal rubbing together. i asked a friend and
> he said it was the timing but i neved heard
> the timing do this. i check all the oil and
> belts etc. and nothing there and i just
> stuck my head in the engie well (lots o
> room) and it sounded like it was comming
> from the engine block. it runs the same but
> this noise is loud and is pissing me off.
> any tips or comments would help alot. i dont
> want to do anything drastic to the engine.

> thanks

> will bowman

It sounds like the Water Pump - Disconnect the belt to the pump and see if it goes away.

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