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Full rebuild.

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ok well enough fooling around...i tried to start again with new plugs...it starts runs at 500 ...i pull the plugs they are black and wet (mixing oil in there too??) so im gonna decide to do a full rebuild + upgrade. Im gonna pull the engine out and take it apart. Now who has done rebuild.

make me a list of parts i will need to do a full rebuild. Should i go for more power such as boring the engine...or anything like that...i have money now so its not an issue, i would like more power, which way should i go??
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Knowing what block/head numbers you have will help people suggest things for building for power.

For example: N47 head + Flat top pistions = high compression
ok sorry.

its 1981 280zx
it is n47 head and flat tops...

now which one would be better in long shot.

a whole rebuild + possibly a bore.

or just drop a v8 and a tranny and call it good?
You're jerking the engine without knowing what the problem is or if a rebuild will fix it? Are you wealthy with plenty of money and time??

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well i been trying to figure out the problem for a goo dmonth now..everything i try seems to kick back into my face...i got oil coming from the front...my spark plugs are also covered in black liquid just a bit thinner then oil, so its mixing oil and something to make it thin. it runs at 300-400 rpm which happened suddenly...like i said it ran like a dream before that. so im all out of ideas...ill probably spend more time fixing little stuff and come up with nothing in the end then just redoing the whole thing.
'make me a list of parts i will need to do a full rebuild'

Careful that comes across as a demand not a request. Also it is your rebuild, you need to do the research.

First search the archives here for information people will help they will not do the leg work for you. A good site to read is

Z Garage

Between there and the archives there is alot of information.

Good luck

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google leak down test & then run 1. run compression test. find out what you have before taking it apart. read some good books on performance & modifying. time spent planning & researching will save you. they come apart easily.
well thanks alot i went looked at the site, and it gave me a general overview of what i need and how i need to go about doing it. Only thing is here in my part of canada Z parts are very rare...thats the only thing that scares me.

again thx.
Wonders of internet you can get parts from a much larger area. Shipping costs alittle more, but you can get same as USA can. Read learn you will find the problem, and feel better having done it with just a little help.
If you dont mind spending a little money, and want more power, why not rebuild it for a turbo? You have the F54 already, either get a set of cast pistons and all the bearings and gaskets and rebuild it, or get some forged pistons and some good high performance internal parts, and rebuild it to hold oodles and oodles of power. A stock rebuild will put you easily capable of 300hp, even more if you take precaution not to pre-detonate. The only other choice really is a stroker, and that can cost a wee bit more than a turbo. You can get stock OE parts for a turbo rebuild for probably $600 max. Put a few hundred in machine work, and then get yourself some new injectors, a turbo manifold, rebuilt or new t3 turbo, and and intercooler and go.
my brother has also said that to me....to do a turbo but i just dont know if i can hack it....im a very good mechnicaly and tahts not a problem but am i just gonna take a bite out of something i cant finish?? money isnt an issue im not a person that can save....i spend everything i got...so better to spend it on my z right?

well i looked up this kit
2.8L/2753cc 1981-83 L28ET engine (Turbo) L6 280ZX
1981-83 2.8L OHC-Turbo - master engine kit NI2753TMK $645.09 USD
Pistons, rings, main and rod bearings, thrust washers (if applicable), jack shaft bearings (if applicable), cam bearings (if applicable), camshaft(s), lifters (if applicable), freeze plugs, gasket set, complete timing kit, and oil pump. (Most kits are complete, call for parts in the kit)

and canadian dollar is doing good now so it would be extra 150 dollars on top of that. i can afford that easily...

i never worked with turbo's or ever rebuilt an engine..so what kind of machine work would i be looking at. I work at a machine shop as a machinist...i run manual and CNC lathes and mills with ease...see now im afraid to ask questions cuz i just been told to do the research, but isnt asking questions doing research :)

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Go out and buy "how to rebuild your nissan/datsun ohc engine" and "how to modify..."

both books are linked to in the bookstore section on this site
And don't buy anything until you tear motor down. You might find a rering is all you need or might need different size pistons etc.

Window shop but don't buy. A little work can yield a strong reliable engine. Some minor porting and sweat equity type improvements. A warmed over stock build can achieve performance like described at the Z garage. A little more than stock and last forever.

Decide what you want to do how much you can afford etc then read learn ask window shop learn read ask etc

Then once you decide do it.
"im a very good mechnicaly and tahts not a problem"

Yet you have no idea what is actually wrong with the car or if the engine even has an internal problem or not. You probably would be better off with a chevy V8 and a holley 4 bbl.
ive had troubles with it before and there hasnt been anything i couldnt fix...same with my moms car and my dad old van that he sold....
this is one problem thats got me stuck...i meant im good mechanicaly as in im not a total dumbass when it comes to making stuff work...when i have to take something apart and put it together i do it right and with ease, my brother on the other hand is a total clutz with anything that involves fixing or repair...thats all i meant...i never said i was an expert.

i will look around and read and do my research...look for parts write down prices and see is it gonna be worth in the long shot...i do want more power so i say its braking down is just an exuse to finaly do an rebuild that was due long ago.
thanks for all your help and criticism.

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Well, **** Skully...I was thinking the same thing! I could put the 79 engine in Zel, take Zel's out...and go to work! Send the head out ... ****...this time next winter we'll be cruisin'! lol!

Just Do It!!!! :eek:)
haha :) yeah i think im headed in that direction.
hahah!!! At this rate... It will be next year!! lol!!!
Little power will be gained when rebuilding unless you change the head for higher compression. That also means that you will be stuck with expensive higher octane fuel for the life of the car.

Turbo (or V8) is the only way to go if you want a ZX to move quickly.

Skully doesnt really want to go faster... Skully is like me: He just wants to go! lol!! :eek:)
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