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Fuel System Noise Question??? HELP

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Heya Duuudes...

I got a really crappy noise coming from the fuel pump in my 280zx '83...

It usually happens on a warm to hot day, it starts after about 20 minutes of driving and continues for about 30 seconds after the car is turned off??? it's a deep buzzing groan. When this noise occurs the usual fuel pump noise gets louder as well...

I got a new fuel pump and filter thinking it would fix the problem but it didn't :( the exact same occured still...

Also when i open the fuel cap Heaps of vapours rush out??? not in???

Help duudes... please
PS the fuel pump is external... while the noise was going after i turned the car off i wriggled the pump and tapped it and the noise fluctuated as a result.

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Broken / disconnected vacuum lines at the carbon canister.

Purge control valve on the carbon canister.

Fuel check valve in the vent line near the fuel tank.

Fuel tank vacuum relief valve in the gas cap.

The FSM has the test procedures for all of the above on pages EF&EC-122 thru EF&EC-127.

Courtesy Nissan 280ZX Service Manuals and CDs
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