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fuel pump relay fix

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just so everyone knows.. you can't get new fuel pump relays for a 280z.
so i broke mine while tinkering with it.. and lost parts in order to fix it..
so i got an 86 300zx and used the fuel pump relay from that.. just used the existing relay to plug in and sent wires to new relay.. its working thus far and nothing has blown up.. only time will tell.
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You can get a new one from courtesy nissan!
i should refrase that.. I couldnt seem to get a new one..
msa said they were discontinued so i just said," I'll make my own **** relay!"
and i did..

so no one pay attention to my first post..
sounds kinda like a rig.

Find your year z at a junk yard, and take one off that.

Advance, or auto zone has that relay for 24.99 online.

Relays form "courtesy" nissan start at $50.00.

Also, if you don't mind the cold, steal the one off your heater motor. Works fine.

If your satisfied with your setup, more power to you!
well everyone told me they couldnt get it..
its not that bad of a rig.. i admit i am the king of rigs.. but i wont rig if its not a decent set up.. everything is soldered and secure and water tight.. so im happy with it.
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