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Which Transmission??

> My compression is excellant & the 79 is
> a good engine but it doesn't lift my front
> end up like the stock 76 did.The manual say
> there was a drop in HP of maybe 30 something
> HP after 78. I'm using memory so don't nail
> me on accuracy.Also I had to replace the
> tranny because the same peaple who
> vandalized my engine put metal shavings (as
> from a machine lathe)in my tranny.The new
> one had a different response. Both were 5
> speeds.
The '76 didn't come stock with a 5-spd. It wasn't an option until '77 so I assume that the tranny was a later addition? Also, in 1980 the gear ratios in 1st & 2nd gear in the 5-spds was changed to a lower number numerically which means you get less accelleration unless you also change the stock '76 3.545 ratio differential out for the ZX 3.90 ratio differential.
I don't think my concern would be as much for the injectors as for which transmission do you have and do you have the right differential to go with it.
Quick test. At 50 MPH in 5th gear is your engine rpm less than 2,000 - like around 1850? If so, it's a later model ZX transmission and you need the 3.90 differential. It will make a significant difference.

Back to the original question about
> injectors. When ordering new ones they make
> a distinction between 76(z) & 79(zx).
> WHY? Which is optimum for my application?
> I've been using this setup a few years so it
> does work .
Put the injectors specified for the 79ZX motor in it. If it has worked fine so far - don't mess with it.
Hope this helps,
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