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Fuel Injector Connectors & Clips

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I want to replace the fuel injector connectors on my 1976 280Z. From earlier ZCAR posts, I saw that GP Sorensen #800-9213 fuel injector pigtail connectors ($3.99/each) would work. I went to 3 different Autozones after work today, but was only able to find 1 of the connectors. The box did not contain a clip. Does anyone know whether a clip was supposed to come with the connector, or do I need to order clips separately? On the Autozone website, they do have a GP Sorensen #800-9417 connector clip ($3.99/each). I thought that maybe the connector clip got lost from the box, but now I think that maybe you need to purchase clips separately. Does anyone know? I am trying to avoid ordering (online from Autozone) the wrong parts. Thanks.

One other question, does anyone know where to get fuel injector connectors without the pigtails (I would rather solder the existing wires to the new clips instead of pigtails). I had no luck at Autozone, NAPA or O'Reilly.
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The clip should come with the pigtail (#800-9213) I just picked one up myself, and the clip was included.
For what its worth, its much easier to go to almost any local junkyard and get GM injector connectors. They're on a lot of cars from the late 80's through 90's. I got mine off a buick V6, and you can get enough to do the whole engine.
Mine cost $1.75 for all from a pick n pull and they are quick release with silicone boots and are better, even used, then the clip types.

Re: Fuel Injector Connectors


Standard Motor Products has a replacement Injector Pigtail # SK25 used on many GM models between 87 and 96:

Available through CarQuest.

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Thanks for all the great information.
FWIW, someone I respect said crimping was better than soldering...
Also, you may want to replace the connectors on the water temp. sensor and the cold start injector (or whatever it is called). The index tabs can be removed or the connector can just be "finessed" on.
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