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Hi everyone, trying to sell some stuff, I am going to buy a new 73Z and I need to raise some cashola :) I may consider partial or straight trade but money is better right now. I am looking for a 3.54-3.9LSD clutch type, good blow off valve, wastegate, T3/T4 Hybrid Garrett Turbo, intercooler, lightened or aluminum flywheel, Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Set, 240Z hatch glass(in San Diego), headliner(black), paint job/labor, and some 240Z headlight covers(clear). Or if there is something else you think that I may be interested in, give it a shot, I have a 240Z with a 280ZX turbo engine in it :cool: Parts are either in S.San Francisco or San Diego.

I also put up some web pages with pics of a lot of the stuff that I have for sale:
<A HREF=http://home.earthlink.net>http://home.earthlink.net</A>/~zmeister/zgarage/

***I am trying to raise money for my new 73 240Z that i will be getting soon. If anyone needs anything let me know, and maybe we can work something out. I am very handy with a wrench, and I frequently visit the wrecking yards. Give a shout and I may be able to help you out! If it's not here, I can likely get it. I can also build custom computers at a good price. I am currently in the San Francisco Bay Area***
PC computer 450Mhz, 64mb SDRAM, 1.2gigHD, Abit BH6 Motherboard(2ISA,5PCI,1AGP),
Diamond Stealth 2 Vid Card, 32X CDROM, MS NATURAL keyboard, SB AWE32 Sound Card,
logitech 3button mouse, ATX Med Case, 56K v90 modem, Win 95,98, MS Office 97 Pro ed, Qicken 99 Deluxe(have receipts, purchased in Feb 99, will upgrade anything at cost) $750
Compaq Prolinea 575e(75mhz) system, 15inch SVGA monitor, 28.8 AT&T modem, 256K cache, Conner 650mb HD, External 8XCDROM plus software $375obo
MGE 220VA Battery Backup $50
Craig 500W Amplifier-Blue, 4ch Bridgable, dual crossovers etc. $150
4.11 R200 $250
16 NEW IN BOX Hayden Slim Swept Blade Rapid Cool 1900CFMs $110
300ZX NA(can be used on 280ZXs also) fuel injectors set
of 6 in good shape as is $80
280ZXT Turbo Computer (auto tranny) $200
280ZXT Turbo Computer (manual tranny) $250
280ZXT Turbo Air Flow Meter(Very Nice Shape) $100
280ZXT Turbo 5 Spd BWT5 Tranny as is Cond Unknown $200
280Z Rotors good shape $20 each
280Z Hubs with bearings $20 each
240Z Drive shaft $30
240/260/280Z set of hinges $60
Rebuilt 2.4 liter block, has one busted head bolt in it. Engine was very strong
and had good compression when it was in my car last. No fly wheel or pulley, I can
get them for an extra $50. $100 as it sits
280ZX Turbo used $ 250obo
280Z 2+2 240mm flywheel $40
K&N air filter for stock air cleaner case on 70-72 240Zs $20
NGK blue sparkplug wires(no coil wire) 2 sets, $20/set
Allison Spark plug wires $20
72 240Z exhaust manifold $50
240Z starter $25
3inch chrome exhaust tip about 10 inches long $20
ZX Normally Aspirated computer $50 as is condition unknown
240-280Z hood hinges with springs $40
240Z Vacuum booster $40
72 240Z full exhaust system 2 1/4inch system $65
82 280ZX/T air conditioning compressor $50 as is
82 280ZX/T power steering pump $40 as is
82 280ZX/T cruise control actuators $30 as is
280ZX Turbo/300ZX fuel injectors set of 6 in good shape $100
3000ZX Turbo flywheel 240mm $30
ZX Vacuum Booster $25
ZX 79-81 rear disc $15
280ZX T-top $80
300ZX 84 throttle body(no TPS) $40
Saab Air Research Turbo
really tight $100
really tight *3.7 R200 Diff out of an 88-89 300ZX*(this is not an LSD)
$250/bst. (I will include parts for 240Z-280ZX conversion)
280Z Clutch disc and cover used as is $30
Allison/Crane optical ignition system with good 240Z distributor
w/new vac advance $140
240Z Fiberglass Front ground effects $75
2 Saab Turbo fans $20 each
1 Hyndai Sonata 2 speed Tornado style fan this mutha blows big time $40
Single Gold 14 Inch Enkie, 6.5inch wide with a 10 offset $40
Single Black 15 inch Enkie Rim. 7 inch wide with a 07 offset $40

The prices here do not reflect shipping costs which is your dime.

Z-ya later,

Tim Deesen
[email protected]
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