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1983 280ZX Turbo
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Something is creating pressure and forcing the pads to contact the rotors. If you've eliminated the calipers as the problem, the booster is the best candidate.

Here's why I follow your logic: (pardon the long story, please...)

This actually happened to me with a Jeep Grand Cherokee on a 60-mile trip from Fort Collins to Denver. For a few days it had felt like the Jeep was losing power - which was actually the brake drag. On this trip, it got bad enough that I pulled off the road and did a walk-around. I could feel the heat coming off the right front wheel from two feet away. It wasn't hard to figure out that a dragging disc brake was causing it.

I found a couple of empty water bottles, filled them and baptized the rotor and wheel, cooling the brake enough to get another 15 miles. It took three water cooling stops to get to my destination in Denver, which was my daughter's place. I dropped it off at a mechanic and picked it up next afternoon with one replaced front caliper, new front rotors and pads.
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