Items For Trade:

I recently installed a set of Z Therapy rebuilt carbs along with new insulator blocks. These are the old blocks, original from when the car was new. I've owned the car since 1974. I removed one gasket from one block (it was a chore) then realized that the new ones already had gaskets attached.

These blocks have 200,000/50 years miles on them and show some cracks on the underside. I'm not aware of them leaking coolant, but I couldn't guarantee it. I think they would be fine if you're not using the carb heater function. There is also a set of new gaskets to go with. Here are some pics.

They are of no use to me, but maybe someone out there can use them, so they are yours for the postage from 80908. If no takers I'll toss them.

Will Trade For: