I have decided to sell my 1987 300ZX. I am the original owner. I do not drive it much anymore, so it should go to someone who has the time for it. No accidents, although the bumper was hit recently while the car was sitting in the driveway.

It has a few issues. One, after driving, the car will not restart for a few hours. I believe it needs a new Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (CHTS).
Two, there are issues with the electrics inside the car. The driver’s side window has no power, the driver’s seat has no power, and radio does not work.

It needs a new universal column and new calipers. It runs well, but these parts will need to be replaced eventually.
Lastly, there is a rust spot on rear passenger side, rust underneath, and rust on the inside in the hatch.

I have all the maintenance records, the original sticker from when I purchased the car, the original service manual, owner’s manual, warranty information booklet, and parts microfiche (CD).

The car is in Rhinebeck, NY. Asking $3,000.00
[email protected]

Make/Model/Trim: 300ZX GS 2-Seater
Year: 1987
VIN: JN1HZ14SOHX-213272
Mileage: 149,709
Engine Type: 3.0 Liter OHC EF1 V-6
Transmission Type: 4 Speed Automatic
Options: Electronic Equipment Package
Modifications: None

Link for photos:

1987 Nissan 300ZX