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1978 280z datsun great cond. racing car !!!! with NOS. for sale . - $2500 (BAY AREA / CALIFORNIA )

have some good stuf on this car like

MSD ignition A6

this was instaled in shop DNR performance, NOS 65 to 80 shot of nitrous (bearly used and only on the track )

NX ( nitrous express) purge kit

ACT extrime 6 pads racing clutch kit

Flow Master leagal Exsoust sistem 2 1/2 " pipe ( NICE sound and the bes flow )

and i have a turbo P90 head from 1983 280zx t .

K&N costom filter.

costom rear spoiler .

difrient front bumper , the fiber glass one ( NICE !!! )

front head lights - H4 hella leans and bulbs .

the car is hella lowered .

2 flush mounted mirrors euro racing stile .

pioneer Cd plauer 45x4 watt

brand new black plastic dash board cover .

costom rear strut bar

racing fron sway bar.

RPM gauge from auto miter , 0 to 1000 RPM

MOMO black racing stearing wheel.

i have a difrient fuel pump instaled from 1983 280zx turbo.

difrient transsmition from 1983 280zx turbo 5 speed.

the car is panted in black primer right now if you want to make it looks shinee then NEEDS a paint job.

and i also have a compleat turbo engine from 1983 280zx turbo car comes with a car.

so the car is running nice and FAST to .

so if anithing jest email , sorry i got no digital cam. can't make no pic.

my email is > [email protected]

Thanks for looking.

same info here --> http://www.craigslist.org/eby/car/45084943.html.
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