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First Autox

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Okay well im gonna try to do my first autox in feb,Ive replaced the shocks,struts,Tires,Bushings.Picked up some strut tower braces,fixed my brakes anything eles im missing thanks?Kinda excited but at the same never been to one so dont know exactly what im getting myself into,Ive Looked over there site on the website but still not so sure
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Helmet and camera mount?
bring a notebook and try to draw the course as you walk it. After every run write down what parts of the course you had trouble with. Before the next run (when you are sitting in the paddock) pull out your notebook and see what you had problems with in the last run, so you know what to watch out for.
anything eles im missing
Make sure your battery is properly secured. No loose items in the car. Seat belts required. Some places require that the drivers window must be rolled up. Some kind of non-permanent tape, shoe polish, or marker for car number and class.
Take a spare change of underware so you can change it after you p00p your self from the excitement.
You really dont NEED anything for an autocross, thats the beauty of the autocross. Most clubs have loaner helmates for you to use. You can do some preparation though. Start by going to the SCCA website and looking through the 2010 rule book and figure out what class your car will be put in.

You car will be subject to a tech inspection. Tech inspectors typically make sure you have all of your lug nuts on each wheel, they make sure your throttle does not stick, they make sure your battery mount is secure, and they make sure that all of your interior is free of loose objects (clear out your glovebox, floor mats, spare tire, and other loose items).

The key is to have fun, walk around and look at cars, talk cars with people and have a good time. Walk the course before you drive it. Most clubs also offer ride-alongs from more seasoned drivers...take advantage of this, especially your first time out.

If you like the sport, then you will figure out what to bring as you get more and more into it. I take items like extra fluids (brake, oil, water), some spare hand tools (in case something breaks), a jack, and put them all into a big plastic tub...and a pop-up tent for shade. I also have items like my tire pressure gauge, my helmet, and my numbers ready when I get there.

Remember that the slowest driver in the slowest car in the slowest class is still having way more fun than the guy on the bleachers watching.

Here is an older picture of an autocross I got to run and some incar video...


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Autox is a blast! Don't worry about the car so much, it will be a while before you are good enough to blame it. Go racing a few times and you will start to see what you need.
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