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Fire...all the Z's are gone...

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Happy April 1st! ;D

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Get the heart jump starter for me~

You prick!!

I already was starting to get choked up for you! :eek:
I fell for it too! Not at all funny! :p
Someone had to do it... :)
:( You sir are evil
Oh the horror mike.
Extra crispy!

Mike isnt that the picture from the kid with the really pretty white 2+2 TT swap, who also lost a one of 77 lambo plus a couple other cars?
Let be glad April 1st only comes once a year!!!fool
Lum yes that was!

Zin...not even funny!! (ok, it was) My heart froze and my first thought was that darned wall heater!. lol
Good one.
If you guys only knew how anal Zin is...he prolly has seven sprinkler back up systems, had entire garage made out of fire retardant materials and lives next door to a fire station.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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