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Finally got my 18's on !! pic inside !!!

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running 295/30/18 in back and 225/30/18 in front .. on Speedlines

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whoa. pretty sweet but looks a little wierd. If you lowered it and put on a body kit it would look much better.
that is a very classy looking ZX.

great job
NICE!.. wow 295's on the back!!.. how did you go about your 5 lug conversion? Great wheels.
nice car, but its got a stance like a 4WD now.
the wheels look a little too bling-bling for me, but beautiful car. Very clean
Hey Man, Those wheels look real good on your zx. Looks like it sits pretty good to me.

Dexter 260z
thanks to all ...
forgot to said that the Tokico kit was akready ordered to lower the car ..
I agree that looks like a 4wd now ... o;P
the secret to 5 lugs is: adapters made out of solid aluminum ..
looks pretty nice...too wide of tires in the back IMO
watch out lowering it. it looks to me like the tires are gonna rub if its lowered much. ours rubs on bigger dips and bumps being lowered 1 inch.
Your car rubs being lowered one inch? Mine has had 16s, and currently runs 17s and is lowered way more than an inch and mine never rubs.

Anyways, man that car looks bad ass. Where did you find those wheels? I'm going to purchase some Centerline 17x8s for the back and 17x7 for the front, maybe run 245 on back and 225 up front. I wanna go with the look where it looks like the tire is almost too narrow for the wheel. I don't like when the sidewall bulges out from the lip of the rim, doesn't look very sleek to me. I have 17s on there now running adapters to make them fit, since they're Honda offset rims, and I do NOT like the way it handles. I had 16s that bolted directly to the hub and with even bald ass tires in the back, it handled WAY better than it does with 17s, adapters, and brand new, wider tires. I'm not really afraid of the adapters breaking or anything, but a little worried of the lugs that hold the adapters on, coming loose. I had them on and drove the car for maybe a couple hundred miles and took it to get the tires rebalanced since it shook like a bitch at low speeds. The guy at the shop said the bolts holding the adapters on were barely on there. He said most people use the adapters for show only, not street, since you have to retorque them every 500 miles or so. But I've been running them at least 800 since the last tighten with no problems, at least that I can tell :) But I much prefer wheels directly bolted. Cuz when people look at your wheels, they're going to see the spacer lol
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Hey, I think you spilled some chrome on your wheels. Strip it off and polish it clean!
love the different opinions ..
I'm actually thinking of going w/ 285's in the back once tha tit is lowered ...
I just wanted to let everybody know that 18's are possible at affordable cost ...
once that you go 5x4.5 the options are endless ...
the cheapest wheel I found in that size using the stock bolt pattern was $2700 just for the wheels ...
I got a good deal on these for less that $400 ... big difference ..
nice looking wheels, but MUCH too big, IMHO. I would rather see those wheels in 16.
look out! your hood is open.
I think the **** looks hot as ****, a Kaminari front spoiler would set it off. The only way I would put that size a wheel on my car is if it is making 400HP, you gotta spin them.
that looks good ... drop it a lil and it is dream meterial !!!
"I'm actually thinking of going w/ 285's in the back once tha tit is lowered"

i THUNK most guys don't like lowered ****, I guees I just like my rack a little higher...LOL
I thought Kaminary discontinued making air dams fo 280's ...
some reference would be greatly appreciated ...
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