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Thanks to everybody who tried to help me diagnose my problem the hard way. Via e-mail

Last night I found it!
When I replaced the T3 compressor with a V trim T4 I had to cut a little of the AFM-Compressor hose to make it enter the compressor inlet. BUT when I did that I had to cut a little of the inner spring which I already knew it was very important for the hose's strength. Well, with fear it may enter the turbo inlet I cut some of the spring (I cut too much).
Yesterday I was under the car, reinstalling the alternator which was OK, after that I move under the manifolds to check If I found something and saw the AFM-turbo hose kinked, sucked in.
What was happening is that the car was getting no AIR (in fact too little air at high rpm or load)
All of us who try to diagnose problems in cars, what look for is no fuel or no spark, air is the last thing that comes to mind.
Also I had a previous problem that the engine was not starting, It was caused by a combination...(apparently) deffective crank sensor and a faulty connection and ungrounded power transistor.

I learned a couple of things:
The coil bracket has to be GROUNDED!!!!(I think) :)
I had a deffective power transistor connection

Now I have a new problem I will be posting right away... a new quest towards getting back my flawless running 280ZXT

thanks all for their patience, but sometimes I got desperate trying to find the problem,
I CHECKED EVERYTHING, every sensor, almost every wire and relays.

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