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Finally DONE...19 RAYS ON my 350z.....

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After 2 months of reasearch, about what size spacers....and longer studs....and the correct tire size....I have the 19 inche 370 rays on my z.....looks great..Got a great deal from nissian dealership..the had a new set of 370 rays..for sale...with my wheels as trade=in..got these wheels for only $700....but Im new to this site and not sure how to post pics on here..can some one share this info..love to show the pics....
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We would love to see the pics too. If you need help posting pictures PM me I will try to help you.
new this pic.posting here is more


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Looks great! ;D The 19" Rays certainly give the 350Z a unique look.

What size spacers did you use, front and rear? Also what tire sizes did you go with, front and rear?

My biggest complaint with the 19" Rays Sport wheels for the 370Z is the offsets. They are just not aggressive enough for the 370Z without spacers. Otherwise I love the look of the wheels. My 370Z came with the 19" Rays Sport wheels, but I also picked up a set of 370Z Nismo wheels and the offsets and widths on them are just about perfect for the 370Z. They look pretty good on my 350Z too.
[size=12pt]yaaaa....saw your pics..of the nismo wheels...look great.....I got all the info from....Z1 motorsports....the have a kit 2 front spacers.(10MM).thats the only spacers you need for the front only..and longer studs for all four wheels..the kit went for 100 bucks..thats a z store and shop the did the conversion there also ...so the know what they are talking about...the tires sizes for the front was 245-35-19...because i went to the nissan dealership..the put the orignal 19 tire size 245-40-19..the said you better go with 35 size instead...so they fit fine...and rear was 275-35-19...........got a great deal....700 bucks new wheels... plus bought brand new tires on ebay four 4 tires614 including shipping..Ive shopped around and you can get better prices on brand new tires on ebay than anywhere else..even other tire companies on line.
2007silverracer, you make my eyes hurt! Can't you just write normally? Why the bold font, lack of proper punctuation, and no capitalization? I can understand an error here or there, but that whole post is a mess.
:mad:......sorry buddy..dont be a hater......I work 2 jobs and dont have time to be a perfect grammer student.....dont you belong on the first generation z area....antique..zzzzs
Not trying to be a hater, but you have to realize that it takes all of us MUCH longer to read a post that doesn't follow normal grammar conventions. Also it actually saves time to use only one period. ;)

Also I grew up on all generations of Z's. First stick I ever drove was my dad's 350z, but actually learned to drive stick in his Z32TT. First Engine and tranny swap I ever did was in his 83 280zx. When I was 10 I figured out how the springs on his Z31's throttle body were supposed to go when they flew off and had him stumped when he had it off the car. So no, I don't belong in the first generation area. First gen is actually what I have the least amount of time with, that's why I bought one. I already had experience with all the others!

The 370z wheels look amaZing on your 350z. I'm jealous.
Well I saw your whole restoration, on your 280. Fantastic job..very impressed. Ive owened every z car from 79...to 2007. But if i here of any more 19 inche wheels for sale in my area . I will let you know.
Those wheels look terrific on your 350. Thinking about doing anything with the suspension to close up those wheel well gaps?
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