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FiberGlassing the Dash

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Ok i came up w/ this idea to fix the cracks in my dash by removing it completly and fiberglassing over it and making it all pretty....hmmm one problem is I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIBERGLASS, is it easy? any sources on how to do it?
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why not simply

buy the available fiberglass dashboard?

Someone is making them, you just have to search and find the posts with the photos.

THe manufacturer posts regularly on Hybrid Z.
Haha, i had that idea about making the front end of my car out of carbon fiber.

Except fiberglass is A LOT easier...

Keep the dash in, try test building something out of fiberglass first. After you do it once its not all that hard, just fairly time consuming.
Can find better how-to's on the internet, try searching for how to boat articles or how-tos on making custom speaker boxes.

Basically make a layer of fiberglass over the dashboard. pop this thin layer off and then use it as a mold to coat with fiberglass on the inside. Make a layer on the inside, pop it out of the mold and build it up on the back with problably 5+ layers of fiberglass. Cover the front with bondo and then sand for a long long time until its perfect, then just paint.

Something like that would problably cost ~80$ at hardware store prices for fiberglass. Marine places have good quality fiberglass/resin for cheap though.

Eh doing all this is worth it if you wanted to save on weight, and were interested in adding some pods for gauges or speakers, or modifying the dash somehow. If you're just trying to get rid of a crack on the cheapo get a dashcap. They're 80-100$.

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Can you just put a thin layer of fiberglass over the existing dash?
yea, i found a guy that did it....


just a thin layer over.... i'm tired of looking at my cracked dash
I do not get the fleece thing... What is that about?
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you got it backwards, dude...

the mould is always thicker than the part you make. Moulds have to be stiff, and rigid so they do not deform and make a part that is off-spec.
You need a thick mould, and a thin part. You should be able to peel the part out of the mould.

You may want to rethink the prices on fiberglass buildup components, too.
email me. glass is what i do for a living. i can help you out. its real easy.
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