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FI Wires

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Does anyone know exactly where do the FI harness terminate. It connects to something that ends up at the ecu for ground and somewhere else for 12v. I suspect there is a mass connection somewhere and that point needs to be cleaned profusely. I do not want to just start ripping insulation. A picture would be great.

BTW, why do I care about the HP presidential sale on ZCARs?
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Two wires positive battery terminal.
Not buying that. Two pos wires would do nothing.
Actually If I recall stripping the FI harness from my 83 turbo parts car, there is two black, ten gauge wires going into the fusible link box that draw power almost directly from the + battery terminal. There might be some kind of junction but I don't remember. Just trace the two black wires from the fusible links and you will find it. The rest of the harness connects eventually to the ECU. Now the ignition harness is a bit more messy, as it is part of the chassis harness, and requires cutting quite a few wires to get it out. But the FI harness is able to be removed without cutting anything but the two wires going to the fusible link box.
Re: "2 wires won't do..."

Hmm, er, well if two positive wires GO to a circuit that has it's own ground some work may git done. Norm K.
What about the dropping resistors?
So if I am trying to find a dirty ground for the FI, it is either at the plug or at the ECU, correct. Then check a good pos connection.

Where might this dropping resistor be located. Sounds like a good spot for dirtiness:)
83's do not have them. The 82 and 83 ECUs got more robust drivers to handle the injector grounding paths therefore dropping resistors are not required.
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