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fender mirrors

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where would i be able to get a set of fender mirrors? I havent found any in vic brit or MSA and nothing really showed up in the search
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200 set of OEM from japan or the country down under. you can find bullet style mirrors that will mount anywhere you can put them for about 30-45 bucks a piece... dont remember where igot mine ill try and look from some.
Did you try this: http://www.nismoparts.com/catalog/?section=574
It may be under the 350Z but is says it'll work on the first gen Zs, and for 81.36. Something you can keep in mind as a cheeper alternative to the 200 dollar ones.
I can probably get you a set for 50-60 bucks. My junkyard buddy has a euro z that he has in his yard. It has the mirrors that you are looking for, and they are in great shape!!!! I just bought an 81 zxt for 100 bucks, so I might even get the whole car for pretty cheap. He is a camaro and chevy truck kindof guy, so naturally he has no idea what he's got. Need any z stuff, come to montana. They are freaking everywhere!
I think British cars have them. Try Moss.
Nissan Comp

they sell the Fairlady Mirrors.
Courtesy Nissan was also stocking htem for a while.

i have a diagram for placement if you eventually get some.
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