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Felpro Gaskets ------

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Ordered a complete gasket set from felpro. 4 or the NEEDED gaskets didnt fit, it was like they where cut wrong being like half an inch off.
I called them up, and they wouldnt do a thing about it.
It also took me 5 phonecalls to even get to someone i could talk to.
Turns out Fedural Mougle (spelling) Is the company making Felpro.

To fix the problem, i just ordered them from MSA. But I shouldnt have had to.

Felpro buyers BEWARE

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thats strange... i got a set for my 280zxt engine and there was no problem could have been a a bad one in the bunch, i ordered mine from my uncle who is a licensed mechanic so i got a killer deal and they always hook him up.
Ya, well the thing that pissed me off, is that felpro didnt care.
that would have pissed me off too. I cant say anything but good things about felpro. Ive use thier headgaskets many times, as well as the complete engine kit on both mine and my brothers motors. So far so good. all of the gaskets lined up good for me. Maybe alfman240z is right, maybe its just a bad one in the bunch.
never had a problem here, as long as i ordered the right set for the correct YEAR motor.
yeah sounds like you could of ordered the wrong set. possibly an earlier 280 or 240 kit.
what is part number on the box?

You can see their part numbers on line

Took a fel-pro gasket into deep boost and it held together perfectly. No complaints here.
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