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Did the stiff pedal happen immediately when you got it back from the shop?
They could have put the check valve(mounted on the firewall in the vac hose between the booster and manifold) backwards. Pull off the valve and test it.
You should only be able to blow air one way only. I think the tapered edge
should point towards the driver side.reverse if needed.
You're right the hard pedal is a indicator of a bad booster or check valve.
Usually a leaking booster will screw up your idle when depressing the brake pedal
cuz this causes a direct vacuum leak to the manifold.
You say hoses were replaced so I assume that they bled the brakes which
should have cleared up the lines.
The front pad wear could be a indication of the proportioning valve being stuck.
Chances are that the pads heated up and warped the new rotors.
I would take the car somewhere else for a though inspection.
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Not open for further replies.