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A couple of people have requested that Derek put a FAQ section on this site, displaying some of the answers to frequently asked question. Well, what would be the benefit of this section, over just checking the archives?

I think a few of the more frequently asked questions would dissapear, if more people would just check the archives, and then possibly privatly e-mail the people who posted the original messages, if they have more questions.

As I'm sure many of you know, and have seen, the site changes daily. Often, by the time you check the site after getting home from work, it's totally diffrent from what you remeber from the day before. There are a lot of people, Nation and even World Wide, that are visiting this site. Not everyone knows what questions have been answered, whether it was last year, or just 10 minutes before they turned on their computer.

******If you catch this one Derek, here's an idea for you. Maybe a better way to remind people of the archives would be a sloution. Possibly a pop up window when you first open the particular forum. The pop up window could just simply state that before you post a question, check the archives quickly, and make sure that it has not been answered before. That way every one gets a subtle reminder that there are thousands of posts in the past, and the answer maybe there. The key would to make the window not annoying, but still get the concise message across to us. Just an idea folks.******

It's not that all of the traffic the site gets is bad, but I do agree, that at times some of the same questions are popping up. Some of us, who have been around for a while,(Loyal viewer since 9/98), have seen lots of VERY usful info, come and go. Many of these posts have been long and detailed. Lost of people may simply skip the new repeated question if they don't have the time, or patience to type all of the details. So, maybe just a simple reminder, from other people, to check the archives, would be beneficial.

In case no one caught what I was getting at here, checking the archives would get rid of some of the repeats.

Also, I think a way to update the archives would be nice. Do you have to transfer the files manualy Derek, or does it do it on it's own. I have looked for a few of the posts form just last week, but i can't find them. This is the only flaw that I've seen in the system.

Any ideas, or input would be great. After all, it will help keep the site running smoother and help everyone keep their cars on the road that much easier.

In closing,(Sorry for the length guys), I'd like to say thanks for the help that has been provided to me by everyone here, especially, Dave240, Phantom, Norm(Thanks for the jokes!), and Travis.

Keep up the good work Derek. Let us all know how things are progressing.

Chris Behney
Redline Autosports

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Re: FAQ sec. vs Archives-idea for Derek-feedback a

> I really like the idea of a FAQ - not from
> the perspective of cutting down the number
> of posts but rather as a good way to get at
> information!

> Let's say I want information on what struts
> to buy. If I start going through the
> archives and there's say, 20 threads with
> descriptions that look (to my newbie eyes)
> to have something to do with struts. Maybe 5
> will actually contain information valuable
> to me, and they are all likely to contradict
> each other. There's probably another 10
> threads that would give me more information,
> but the subject is meaningless or not
> recognizible. (maybe I don't know what a
> 'Tokiko' is..) There's probably tons of more
> information on the subject spread out
> through various other postings that aren't
> JUST about that one topic.

> This is where a FAQ comes in handy, people
> who know the subject can condense the
> popular opinion of the group into one place,
> and put in some key posts.

> The other thing is the size of the archive..
> it's not unbearable right now but in a few
> months that thing is gonna be HUGE, most of
> it crap that has to be waded through to get
> at the good stuff.

The problems you have listed above, are valuable points, but who are you gonna let write the condensed popular opinion of the group? Nothing personal, but I'm not gonna let someone else speak for me around here. There are lots of opinions, and ther are not but just a few area, where we can all get along with same idea.

Getting a brief consice answer, is part of the reason why you can customize your search in the archives. Have you searched thruogh the archives? One of the big reason we try to get people to be concise in thier post description is so that later it will be easy to find in the archives.

Don't think I'm just beating down your idea, but it's hard to get a brief consice answer, when there are 10 diffrent ways to do something.

By the way, the crap that you wade through, may be the foundation of someone's restoration project, or the missing link of thier car, down the line.

Chris Behney
Redline Autosports
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