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I've just started to reassemble my FS5W71B transmission and realized that one of my needle bearing races (I believe this is for 2nd gear but I've given myself a headache staring at exploded drawings) shows what I believe some people call Brinelling (and others say it's a misuse of the term).

Either way, there are indentations in that race that can be felt with the fingernail and if you spin the gear on that bearing, you can feel/hear it, however minor it may be.

I would think this is a show-stopper. If it were a bicycle it would be one thing but I don't know if I can get away with this in this situation. Any of you guys who have done this dance before have any opinions about whether this is a no-go deal? I have no idea if it's going to be possible to find that part and/or how standard it is. Seems like the bearings are pretty easy to find but I don't know about needle bearings and races.

Thanks as always.
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