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Re: Zebra

> If it's cracked enough to see it that's a
> little different, (not a good thing
> obviously) but most of the time they just
> warp. Going by that I don't think the price
> was unreasonable, I don't believe you can
> weld the exhaust manifold and have it work,
> but I may be wrong as welding's not my
> strong suit. The only thing I would possibly
> question was paying so much for one. You
> should be able to find one at a junkyard for
> next to nothing, and usually aside from the
> small amounts of warpage they're pretty
> reliable.
Just saw your message and response. Seems you know a little about the situation. I've got 2 zx's with the problem. ??? Trust the machine shop to see if the manifold is salvagable or just plan on replacing with new. What are the odds?
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