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Re: Zebra

> If it's cracked enough to see it that's a
> little different, (not a good thing
> obviously) but most of the time they just
> warp. Going by that I don't think the price
> was unreasonable, I don't believe you can
> weld the exhaust manifold and have it work,
> but I may be wrong as welding's not my
> strong suit. The only thing I would possibly
> question was paying so much for one. You
> should be able to find one at a junkyard for
> next to nothing, and usually aside from the
> small amounts of warpage they're pretty
> reliable.

Zebra, you are right in guessing that way. Most don't know enough about the cast to know that it can be fixed. That is even the $40 an hour welder. The manifold is a cast item and can me repaired with welding. With cast welding a higher heat system is required to help with the impurities of foreign cast. Foreign cast is not just iron it is a blend of everything. Once welding at a high heat the item would have to be checked for straightness and might need machining. And depending on where the crack is it might need some internal grinding also to free the flow after the weld. Oh well nothing like money spent and money lost
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