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exhaust manifold leak repair-Part 2

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To summarize my previous email briefly, I took my car to two shops to fix the leak, the first quoted me $700-$900 including the head gasket job. $700 if the manifold does not need replacement and $900 if the manifold needs replacement. The second shop quoted me quoted me $450 without taking the head.

Just like steves280 said, <<don't be surprised if the second guy calls you back saying it isn't like he thought is was!>> Well that is exactly what happened, I took it in today and he came back and told me it is a big job that it'll cost between $600 to $900 including replacing the manifold but without even doing the head gasket. Well at least he was descent enough not to take it apart and he told me in advance the real cost.

I woudl really appreciate it, if anyone knows a good mechanic reasonably priced in southern California, please forward his name and number to me, otherwise, I think I am going to put it up for sale. It's a shame, but I don't have the ability to fix it and I can't justifiy paying $900 to fix it either.

Thank you all very much

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why dont you go at it yourself? if i can do it, you can do it !!!
Are you serious. I looked at your website, man you're talented, I can't do what you do. This is way too much for me. I am sure you learned how to do this great work at school or you took a class or something. Besides, I don't think I have the time or the patience to do that. You know, I never expected that a 280zx will ever have a problem like this. I sold my 300zx with 74K miles and bought this one, thinking that it is easier to work on. I guess I was wrong.

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Bubbles your's is MUCH easier to replace than a late ZX one is..
Hey zfanman, Check your email. I may be able to help you out.
I did but couldn't see any email from you. I may have deleted by mistake, could you please resend your email.

If you own an old Z you must work on it yourself! That is the whole point of owning a cheap sportscar. If you're old or disabled then that is another story. But if you are between 16 and 70 then get out your wenches. The amount of money you pay someone to work on your old car will soon add up to the price of a new Z.
i learned from taking it apart. no schooling or anything...plus a little bit (a lot actually) of steves280's help !!!

i dont know about you, but for $700, id take a chance and try to do it myself!

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Yeah Bubbles, I think you owe steves280 a six pack!!

He offered but I don't drink anymore. :)

What happens if I take it apart and can't continue for whatever reason, or if I take it apart and can't remember how to put it back togeter. I'm willing to take a chance and do it but what happens if things get out of hand. Even stves280 said the zx is MUCH difficult than your z.
I shopped around some more today and I finally found a reputable Nissan dealer who to my surprise is willing to do it for less than the two other shops. I think I'll go that way, I am really not ready to tackle this job at this time. I'll send a new email with how Nissan master technician is going to do the exhaust.

Thank you all, I really appreciate your help.
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