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Exhaust manifold breather pipe????

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When I was removing my E. manifold, I had to cut the metal pipe that runs between the exhaust manifold and the firewall end of the intake manifold. This pipe is about 6"-8" long, curved and has an attached heat shield. What is this pipe for and where can I buy another one? Could I possibly eliminate the pipe?
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EGR Pipe

That should've unscrewed pretty easily...
It is the EGR riser pipe. You need it to pass emissions. If you don't have it, you MUST plug the place where it went into the manifold, as it is a ripe cause of "False Air" problems with the stock EFI...
Re: EGR Pipe

Evidently, Magilla the Gorilla was the previous owner. I will have to try a plumbers wrench to get a better hold of the nut because it is too large for any of the wrenches I have. I tried with a medium Crescent wrench and just started rounding off the corners of the nuts. JohnH240 said I can eliminate all EGR equipment due to being in the farmland of Ohio, where there is no smog testing.
P.B. Blaster

That's the name of a good penetrant to loosen the nut. Also, sometimes heating the thing with a MAPP Gas torch helps loosen it.
There's really no HP loss from the EGR. You tend to throw off the mixture programmed in the ECU by eliminating it. That, and it's socially irresponsible to remove a functioning emissions component. Bad form. It really doesn't hurt anything, being you don't have emissions testing YET is beside the point.
If it is removed, you must plug that hole in the bottom of the manifold, or you will have one helluva "False Air" signal if that pintle is leaking!
Re: P.B. Blaster

Ya, I hit the nut with Zep Teflon penetrating lubricant each day for 3 days. Actually, I didnt cut it myself, the nut on the bottom of the intake started turning. Unfortunately, half of the tube (broke near the middle) was turning with it. The half attached to the Exhaust manifold, however wont seem to budge. I think a little fire might be the answer. I looked through the MSA and Victoria British catalogs to try and order new parts to no avail. Anyone know where I can get prefferably new parts, not used?
Try Nissan...

It's an Emissions part, and they have to keep availability for those...
You might get lucky.
Re: Try Nissan...

Thanks TonyD, I really would rather keep all that equipment on the car, and just wondered if anyone knew where to get such a piece.
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