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exhaust difference?

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whats the difference between a round body and an oval body muffler other then the shape? do they sound different or what? also what would be the best choice muffler system for my 79 280zx non turbo out of these?


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does anyone know?
Don't really think there is a difference other than appearance. Also the round mufflers tend to be easier to hide on some cars since they are smaller. For a choice in muffler I would go based on sound. Go to your local muffler shop and try out different ones they have. You can do this by cutting your current muffler off, then hold up different ones to the exhuast pipe while someone revs the car, then pick one. Personaly I like the 40 series flowmaster muffler but there are tons of mufflers to chose from and to be honest almost all will sound good becuase the Lseries engines is one of the best sounding engines in my opinion. I've been to the MSA Z show for 4 years and heard tons of different mufflers on different 70-83 Z's with the L series engine. They all sound good it's just a matter of picking one you like the best. Good luck
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hey i have a question for you... the people around here, well the ones that have 280zx's, often swap there original stock engines out and put V8's in... is that a good idea? ive heard different things such as yes its a good idea and it doesnt matter the V8 is just a more powerful engine. what do you think 280z/300zx?
V8 is definately a good path if you're willing to throw a bunch of money into it, and do a lot of modding. It won't be a "Z" anymore, it'll be an American/Jap brat, or commonly known as a, "Jag that runs." Definately a lot of power, definately a lot of work, and definately pretty neat, and weird at the same time.
I put a 350 chevy in my '72 240. It is a great swap if that is what you want. Personally i have wanted one since the late '70's so I did it but the L-6 is the way to go if you want trouble free z-ing. ( I own one of each so I get the best of both worlds)
hey Attworth, not that much modding or that much work either. can be done in a weekend if everything is ready and YOU are competent!
You raped your First Generation Z, Mike... but thats ok.. hehehe.... I just will never understand why you didnt go out and buy a Vega...and put a Chevy 350( A Cosworth even) in that. Z has Z engines.. Chevy, has Chevy engine. Now, You have a Z, powered by Chevy. I dont get it...but Im blonde....

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about how much would it cost for that 350 chevy engine? one of my friends said it was a good choice... better then i think a 301 or something like that. well thats what he said. but what about the price? is it really high or kinda average?
yeah if you remember Shelby put a ford in an AC cobra and made a great sports car! so there!!!!!!!!
HAHAHA....and Ford still sucks... So there! hehehe
hey i love both chevys and datsuns... why not get the best of both worlds rolled into one? anyways... this is what i want to do, or am planning to do: get a 350 chevy v8 engine, swap it with my 280zx non turbo engine, rebuild the 280zx and then purchase another 280zx (later in the future), then place the rebuilt into that 280zx and restore that as an original.
do it
as long as you have the patience and know how
God, Slate.... Im now exhausted! :eek:)

Gotta love the motivation!!!!
Jap cars need jap engines ;) you kinda ruin the Z's class when you dump a big piece of american metal in it.

But if you want an UBER z and you dont care, then that 350 will be groteskly fast! An LS1 350 is a total weapon!

what difference does it make what kind of engine is in a Z?
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