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Evil Inside: Propane/CNG ECU for ya!

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here's a linkie, so you can make you dual-fuel Z without needingthat draw-through turbo setup!

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Tony, I know this guy personaly. I'm gonna have to go light a fire under his AZZ and jump start him with 220V.. Between work and doing nothing, he has no time.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Chris get out there and convert that 77 to turbo... Comeon man...
Get it in the car so I can come on out there and help you wire it up..

gonna be another 2-3 weeks before i can even TOUCH that donor car,,,,moving this month.

the GOOD news is that the new place has a small workshop in the back, with electric and water,,,, so i can do SOME work at home when i can't make it out to my big shop.

still gotta finish that MGB swap. grrrr.

tony,,,i'm still interested in what you said about using the factory FI to control propane,,,,now where to find a propane regulator that will run such high pressure,,,,,the carb ones drop it waaay too low, and straight tank pressure is too unstable and HIGH to work with normal injector connections.

buying aftermarket propane FI setup would be too expensive.

"Between work and doing nothing, he has no time..."

LOL, THAT is a signature line!
Tony, Chris is a great guy. He just NEVER has time.. I been trying to get him over here for me to GIVE him parts from my garage (Cleaning day)..
I dropped a few hints not too long ago. He made off with a truck load of parts last time.. Sorry Chris I been selling off everything I can. I want (More like "HOPE") to be able to get at least one Z in the garage and be able to work on it.. Man am I "Pipe dreaming" or what.... hahahahahaahah

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