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Every Z owner "must have" tools........

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Good morning you all! So...one of the gifts I received this Christmas was a $300.00 gift cetificate for Home Depot. I want to spend the certificate buying nothing but tools. I'm trying to gather a Z owner "must have" tools list. What do you guys recommend? Now remember....I'm talking about tools that I can get only at the Home Depot. Feel free to post pics if you like.


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in my very limited experience i required a decent (and full) set of metric wrenches.. but you probably already have one...

Probably a drill bit or what have you that removes stripped screws and bolts as well.. cause over the years of mechanics and such nearly all of the screws and such in my z are at least partially stripped
My most valuable Z tools all came in a 100 piece Craftsman metric tool set with 3 diff sizes of ratchet drives and all the short and deepwell sockets to go with them, along with a full set of wrenches, nut drivers, extensions all in a big sturdy grey case that I can throw other tools into as well. Home Depot would shurly have something similar.

I have another hard plastic case full of every drill bit/attachment known to man which is invaluable at times.

A small wire feed buzzbox welder would be a welcome addition in any garage for doing body work along with an air compressor to refill tires, blow off dirty areas, and run an occasional air impact.
I've got over $25,000.00 in tools and equipment, and still have to go buy some tool to make it easier. Suggesting basic metric sets should do, and don't forget the 14mm wrenches and sockets that don't come with most sets. Stay away from wire pliers, vice grips, certain channel locks, and pipe wrenches.
Tools you want ... home depot... not feeling all warm & fuzzy abut their stuff...
Get a dremel ( with the extension wand & groovy bits) to change injectors... unless your a manifold pull kinda guy.
BIG compressor
A tool box

What do you have now for tools??

yeah... knowing what tools you have would be a lot easier

but a total must is a 3 ton floor jack
Dremel is your best friend! Also, see if you can cash the 300$ in with home depo, and go get 300$ with sears instead. But yes a good set of metric sockets, both 3/8 1/4 and 1/2 drive are good. Make sure you get deep well sockets as well. Universal joints and at least one 8" extension and one 12" extension for 3/8 and 1/2. quarter you shouldnt need much more than 2 or 3 4" ones. But i 2nd racerbud, you're tool buying is never finished so long as you continue to DIY with anything.
As noted above, knowing your current starting point would help. 1/4" & 3/8" drive metric sets for sockets/ratchets. In my opinion, Gearwrenches are one of the single best inventions for wrenching on the Z32, I think I'm up to 8 or 9 sets in various lengths and configurations, the new X-Beam styles are my personal favorites.
The GREATEST "must have" tool for the Z32 owner...

Too bad Home Depot doesn't carry it. ;)
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Timing light and a good DVM are my suggestions.

I know what I'd do...
NICE site dave. I've got a gift card to an AMC movie theater... i dont even know where there's one within 3 hours.
Screwdriver with flexible shaft, magnetic pickup tool, grabby pickup tool, multimeter, some really long-nosed needle-nose pliers. Seems like with every repair I do, I pick up something new. Don't know if any of these are sold at Home Depot though.
Thanks for the great input guys!

Jesse...I need one of those bad!!!!!! Where did you get that one?

Coz has some for like 200 bucks, otherwise ebay/amazon are your best bet. Or tt.net classifieds they pop up occasionally.

Not much difference between 91 an 93. so you should be ok with that. Also, its cheap so i'd jump on it... I paid 90 for mine like 2 years ago.
Besides that posted above...

- At least 1 torque wrench but a large one (30 to 120 ft/lbs) and a smaller one (12 to 50 ft/lbs) is better.

- Extra long (12 to 16 inch) needle nosed pliers

- Small needle nosed locking pliers -- very good for undoing squeeze to fit springy hose clamps.

- Exacto knife set for when hoses have to be cut off.
Anybody know where you can get the screwdriver with flexible shaft? That's a good one.
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