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Engine won't rev over 2,000rpm

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This morning I got some engine degreaser and cleaned the entire engine.
I covered the distributer,and the coil (thats all).
After I was done, I started it up, and drove out of my drive way. But as soon
as the tach goes over 2,000 the engine dies untill it's below 2,000. (It won't stall
but it will cut off the gas untill im under 2,000 rpm). So i have to shift at 2,000 rpm,
which isn't fun. Please help me. The only thing i can think of, is that water leaked
into electrical somewhere, and screwed it up. Maybe I can just wait a couple
Hours and it will cure it's self. (and the water will evaporate.
thanks for any advice.

even when i put it in neutral, i can completely floor the pedal and it will rev up to
2,000 then go back down in the 1's.
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Your right, it is water. My 83 did it at 3000 after I washed the engine. I never cover anything, and what happened was the throttle position switch gets water in it and screws it up. If you need the car to drive, pull that connector off and dry it out. That is very common on the EFI cars. To fix it from happening again, get some RTV, I used black High Temp, and where the boot for that connector is broken, fill the back of it sealing it off with the rtv. It looks good and seals it from happening again. I have not had the problem since. Also do the dist. amplifier connecter, and any others you see, even the injector connectors.
Joshua L.
Hes right. The same thing happened to me. Just dry out the connector on the throttle position sensor and your problem should be fixed.
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